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THE PASSION OF LIFE, the story of Suffering and Life, of Lust and Passion – is a poetic film. Its semantic provokes and breaks our habitual, experienced and lived order.  In a sensitive way and far away from cliché the film shows, in emotional and humoresque, thoughtful and droll moments, the inner conflict of the protagonists who are in search of themselves. In doing so, it penetrates with a disarming honesty the areas where the individual is completely alone, by himself – without offending the characters nor denouncing them, but accepting them neutrally as what they are, with all their tendency towards self realization and the loneliness which lies behind it, their searching and failing – it is the human being who is asked here.

Director and author Roland Reber: “It was very important to us to deal seriously with the subject, through many interviews, research and literature. In 24/7 THE PASSION OF LIFE the subject of sexuality is also a metaphor for the search of identity, which is perhaps expressed more clearly in sexuality than in other areas, also a metaphor for life. The entire film is a symbolism and plays with archetypical elements.”

In the film, Sexuality is shown as a natural part of the human being, as lustful experience of one’s self and Life, as intense form of communication. It is not treated as a taboo subject or merely to raise the viewing figures but there is a respectful dealing which not only condemns a devaluation of the human being but renounces to any judgment.

Actress, cinematographer and script author Mira Gittner explains the approach

„Sexuality is individual, and as there is no such thing as THE human being, there is not THE sexuality. For everyone sexuality means something different and nobody has the right to dictate how and if someone lives up to his sexuality, as long as it happens in mutual agreement.

The point of the Movie is not a documentary representation but a poetic representation, not a purely physical but also an intellectual analysis of the theme.

It was not about showing several sexual techniques as libidinous physical exercises, but about the essence which is behind it, respectively what we think is behind it.

To show the whole range of possibilities of sexual expression would go far beyond the volume of a movie. Our intention was not to do a documentary about the S&M or swinger scene with all possible sexual practices, but a story about people. But it was important to us, to make an authentic depiction of the atmosphere of the S&M sessions and the swingers club.”

24 / 7 THE PASSION OF LIFE had its first screening in October 2005 at the International Film Festival Sitges in Spain and had its German premiere at the 39th Hof International Film Festival 2005 with three sold out screenings.

24 / 7 THE PASSION OF LIFE touches the people in their deeper layers. A film that is going to provoke controversial discussions.