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Lady Maria : "Society likes to have standardized people. They obey more easily. But

can emotions be standardized? Who puts forward these norms? Who standardizes us? Who is living our life? Most people just exist, but they are not the living. Live YOUR life.“

A lyrical study of obsession and loneliness, secret Lust and public double-morals: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7 The Passion of Life is a provocative and poetic film about the fear of ourselves, the fear to face ourselves in the mirror of our passions in a society ridden by taboos and double-morals: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – the Passion of Life.

The hotelier’s daughter Eve (Marina Anna Eich) coincidently meets the sociologist Magdalena (Mira Gittner), who works as the dominatrix „Lady Maria“ in a S&M Studio.

Fascinated by the bizarre world of “Lady Maria” and noticing that in her ideal world there is everything but lust and passion, she goes in search of her sexuality, her inner being. She starts an Odyssey through the hidden microcosms of Lust – places of which everybody pretends they do not exist but which still exist everywhere: S&M Studio, swingers club, striptease bar. This search also brings her in conflict with the normative constraints and double-morals and standards of society, often discovering the nuances and duplicitous nature of society.

Lady Maria relates the events in the S&M-Studio to religion – worship, confession, punishment as a forgiving act – as well as to emotional moments like consolation, feeling secure and saying what’s on ones mind. In an apparently bizarre world, a warmth emerges, for the people, with their dark sides.

A lyrical study of obsession and loneliness, secret Lust and public double-morals:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

director's statement

Roland Reber (director and author) about his movie:

"In the film the subject of sexuality is also a metaphor for the search for identity. It is one way to get to know one's self, to approach one's self a little bit through self-definition.

And it was important to me, not to make a film which says: do S&M and you are free, go to a swingers club and everything will be fine, no. Also the subject of loneliness, with which we face life, was important to me

It was immerging into a world which is not our everyday world. But we looked for the dialogue with the people from each scene and tried to depict the atmosphere authentically. That was the point, how can we manage, as not being part of the S&M nor swingers scene, to make it credible.

The movie is pure fiction, but is based on quite a bit of research, also a research into really existing phantasies, people and stories - out of the bourgeois background as well as the particular scenes.
Sexuality is an universal subject, that unfortunately is often only dealt with, to rise the viewing figures. A serious analysis - also with what we do not know - is not taking place most of the time."